Learn the art of Voiceover from home with professional voice actor and coach Jon Seltzer! Jon has been a staple voice on television, radio and multimedia for two decades and has created a comprehensive eight week workshop to introduce this fun and lucrative business to individuals and groups

Course Overview

The Art of VO is an eight week workshop designed to give you the nuts and bolts of how to break-in to the world of Voiceover. This comprehensive course covers script interpretation and recording techniques, discovering your personal style or what we call your “signature” voice print, how to market your skills, landing an agent, and how to be comfortable auditioning in many areas of VO including commercial, narration, promos and animation. We’ll work together to identify and unlock how you can deliver authentic and believable reads, every time.

This introductory workshop costs $800, and we meet weekly via FaceTime, Skype or Zoom. Group discounts are available for two people or more. It’s a thrill to share my knowledge of this unique and lucrative field, I hope you’ll join me! 

Voiceover Coach

In this workshop you’ll learn:

Train with a VO pro!

Jon Seltzer has been a much sought after voice over talent, coach, and content producer for two decades. His signature narration style has been heard voicing popular brands on major American television, radio and cable networks, documentaries and series. His knack for compassionate and compelling storytelling brings copy to life in a familiar and provocative way, and Jon feels fortunate to be able to use his love for the art of communication as his chosen medium.


“Jon is one of the best VO instructors I've ever had the pleasure of studying with. Jon elevated my craft not only as a VO actor, but as a VO director!"
Andrew Bailey
Los Angeles
“Jon’s class was a fantastic introduction to the world of voice acting. I had no idea how fun and educational this experience would be. Jon was patient with me as I learned the nuances of reading scripts and encouraged me to find my true voice. I highly recommend it to anyone exploring this career path. My plan is to continue working together with him to develop my skills and really appreciate the personal touch he brings to each session.”
Jeny L.
Los Angeles
“I learned soooooo much in my VO class with Jon. I had no idea there was so much diversity in the kinds of VO work and performances that could be done. It was exciting to practice, get constructive feedback and learn more about how to take my VO to the next level. I left the class feeling ready for my next VO audition and even got a call back for an audition the very next week. Take this class. It, and Jon, are AWESOME!”
Palo Alto
“Jon is the consummate professional, with vast experience, excellent insight, and outstanding skills. In working with him, I found him to be knowledgeable, creative, and at the top of his game. A terrific coach, and talented teacher, I highly recommend him.” TB, Los Angeles
Los Angeles
"Working with Jon has been such an incredible journey. His extensive experience in the industry, passion, sense of humor, and down-to-earth presence is everything any aspiring voice actor would be blessed to experience. He has given me the tools and confidence to embark on my own voice-over career, which I am so thrilled about! Working with Jon gives you the best of both worlds - top notch voice actor and teacher, all in one amazing human being. Thank you Jon!
Boston, Massachusetts
“I took several months of classes with Jon. He was an excellent teacher and resource. His instruction is solidly based on his successful career in voiceover and his skill as teacher and mentor. Though I did not go into voiceover, I use Jon’s teaching in my job as an insurance agent on a regular basis.”
San Francisco
“Jon Seltzer is masterful at setting me at ease, without pulling any punches. He is wealth of information and insight. After sessions with Jon, I feel more capable, more confident and always inspired. Wish I had started working with him sooner.”
Los Angeles

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